Panda Image Gallery – Changes

Version 3.5.8 (October 20, 2012)

  • Fixed bug where images/movies with certain special characters in their file name would not be properly displayed.
  • Fixed bug in view.php which prevented images from being properly displayed under certain configurations.
  • Optimized gallery names. Instead of randomly generated long gallery titles, gallery titles will now be shorter and logically incremented. This results in shorter URLs.

Version 3.5.7 (April 10, 2012)

  • Fixed typo in closing html tag for default Cool Blue theme.
  • Fixed bug in login script related to deprecated function in php 5.3+.

Version 3.5.6 (November 8, 2011)

  • Eliminates unnecessary page refresh when in gallery view and setting a caption.

Version 3.5.5

  • Bug fix: Corrects issue where slashes were added in gallery titles, descriptions, copyrights, and image captions when copy included quotes.

Version 3.5.4

  • Bug fix: Fixed condition where thumbnail was not properly displayed when setting an image caption.
  • Bug fix: Fixed condition where when logging into the site via ajax with an unknown user would break UI.
  • Bug fix: Corrected internal url generation which could have broken the UI when Unified Mode is implemented and session variables are unavailable.
  • Bug fix: Corrected display glitch for galleries Default Sort Order in management panel.
  • Bug fix: Corrected issue where the default sort method for galleries was ignored.

Version 3.5.3

  • Bug fix: Corrects issue with gallery sorting for galleries created on the same day.

Version 3.5.2

  • Bug/Security fix: Gallery ownership changed to admin’s username when gallery details are edited.
  • Fixed possible error condition when logging gallery creation event.

Version 3.5.1

  • Removed erroneous leading break space in copyright notice. Updated themes to account for the removal of this break space.

Version 3.5.0

  • Security Fixes
    • Closed hole that could allow the upload of unsupported file types.
    • Closed hole that could allow manipulation/deletion of unsupported file types and gallery config files.
  • Complete video overhaul.
    • Added support for MP4 and FLV file types. For maximum end-user compatibility MP4 use is highly recommended.
    • MP4 and FLV file types play in a flash player. Fallback support for iOS devices (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad) is provided for MP4 file types.
    • MOV files play in an embedded quicktime instance when quicktime is available.
    • AVI, MPG/MPEG, WMV file types play in embedded media player instance when available.
    • Users can click a link to view the movie in their own player if embedded playback fails.
    • Stream script included for when the user has opted to conceal the gallery contents file paths. This also allows videos to play properly when directory access is restricted via .htaccess or other method.
  • Changed fallback behavior for the uploader to display a single file upload dialog when flash is unavailable as opposed to simply displaying an error message. Fallback behavior is NOT DISPLAYED until the loading of the flash method fails.
  • Fixed html typo in confirm button on the delete gallery confirmation page which prevented the confirm button from appearing in certain browsers.
  • Fixed condition where thumbnail image was stretched above normal size when displaying a gallery sample thumbnail during gallery delete.
  • Better uploaded file name sanitation to prevent possible error conditions in core.
  • Added conflict resolution when a file is uploaded and an existing file has the same name.
  • Renamed downloadimages.php to download.php. Expanded script to handle movie file types. Updated references to this script. Upgrades can delete the script downloadimage.php. Download.php utilizes php server variable PATH_INFO to pass file and gallery information as opposed to passing variables via get.
  • Renamed viewimages.php to download.php. Expanded script to stream movie file types. Updated references to this script. Upgrades can delete the script viewimage.php.
  • Cleaned up logging
    • Broke logging out to function for widespread implementation.
    • Changed log file format to CSV. Increases accessibility, readability, sort-ability, and search-ability. Log files are still stored in the galleries/logs directory with filenames: <GALLERYDIRECTORY>.log.csv
    • Added headings for each column.
    • Added username, action, and additional details.
    • Expanded logging to all gallery administrative functions.
  • Implemented variable management class for future transition from global variables.
    • All theme accessible variables will be transitioned to utilize this class. Currently there is a partial adoption. User generated themes will need to reference shipping themes for changes and update their themes as the vars are transitioned.
    • Converted action ‘vi’ (View Image) to utilize new loop vars. Legacy support fo previous vi methods dropped. Future actions/states will be progressively updated with legacy support being dropped throughout the next several versions. Reference shipping themes for changes/implementation examples.
  • By 4.0 the core will no longer automatically echo’s body content. Themes MUST call function get_content() where they would like to output body content. legacy support will be maintained until 4.0.
  • Theme Changes
    • Began theme support evolution. The ultimate goal is a streamlined and fully supported way to create themes. 3.5 adds much more flexibility in theme design but creators should be aware that the next version (or two, or three…) will be transition releases where themes are concerned. The final release with the new theme support fully implemented is expected to be version 4.0. Default themes will continue to be supported. These changes will also pave the way for eventual plugin support. The only CSS changes will be those necessary to support new features however at this time feature additions have been frozen. Legacy variables will be available until 4.0 is released. The only immediate changes are the get_head(), get_content(), get_footer(), “” changes, and the caption/copyright/download button displays.
    • Added call to function get_content() in overall_header.php to populate body content as required for v3.5 themes.
    • Updated “” to utilize variable manager as required by v3.5.
    • Moved caption, copyright, image download code out of core and into themes overall_footer.php providing more flexibility for theme creation. Replaced old variables with new loopvars from new variable management class.
    • Added styles for new video support.
    • Changed #fallback style to reflect new default behavior.
    • Core now requires call to function get_head() to populate core necessary head content. Removed head tag information from themes and added call to function get_head() which now populates the required data for the Panda core. User created themes can still add information after get_head() is called. All themes MUST call get_head().
    • Core now requires call to function get_footer() to populate core necessary footer content. Removed footer information from themes and added call to function get_footer which now populates the required data for the panda core. User created themes can still add information before or after get_footer() is called. All themes MUST call get_footer().
    • Updated references to viewimage.php to reflect file change to view.php. View.php utilizes php server variable PATH_INFO to pass file and gallery information as opposed to passing variables via get.
    • Actions compared using manager compare method. Core variables transitioned to variable manager updated for use in themes. Eventually all legacy variable support will be dropped.
  • Moved FancyUpload flash component to flash/fancyupload/ directory.
  • Moved FancyUpload javascript components to scripts/fancyupload/ directory.

Version 3.2.0

  • Complete video overhaul (changes rolled into 3.5).
  • ***Release delayed in favor of much larger update, 3.5***

Version 3.1.0

  • Added Admin user level. Admins can manipulate galleries in the same manner as a gallery owner. Admin operations are carried out while logged in through gallery view.
  • Added image captions. Clicking the small round yellow caption icon under an image lets you set or edit an image caption.
  • The default gallery image for empty galleries has been decreased in size.
  • Visual/UI fixes in for the Cool Blue and Crimson Tide themes.

Version 3.0.1

  • corrected bug in unified mode which caused a blank page to load when confirming thumbnail selection and deleting an image.

Version 3.0.0

  • Added Unified Mode. Allows for easy website integrations. Even when the website is powered by a CMS (such as WordPress).
  • Implemented an image protection system. These new features are configurable by users at the gallery level or admins via the config file. Image file paths are protected through the use of relay scripts. Also included are download options which are configurable at the gallery level. Users can select whether to disallow image downloads, allow low resolutions downloads, or allow high resolution (original) downloads. Download path is protected through a download script. The download/save dialog is now forced thanks to the relay script.
  • Ajaxified ‘Delete File’ and ‘Set As Thumbnail’ functions on management panel.
  • Added copyright details to the management page.
  • Expanded theme customization abilities while also simplifying them.
  • New theme. Unified White. Simple, clean interface with no chrome. Designed for use in Unified Mode. (Panda Image Gallery ships with this theme included)
  • New theme. Unified Cool White. Same theme as Unified White with off-white base. Designed for use in Unified Mode. Available for download in the themes section.
  • Overlays no longer close when the background is clicked.
  • Copyright block shortened.
  • Default/Default2/Blue/Red themes deprecated. No longer ship.
  • Cool Blue replaces default and is 3.0 compliant. (Panda Image Gallery ships with this theme included)
  • Crimson Tide (Red) theme available for download in themes section and is 3.0 compliant.
  • Typo correction on management panel.
  • added configuration option to config.php that controls sitemap link display.
  • Introduced version string making it easier for themes to be cross-version compatible. $version_string
  • Introduced new Commercial version. This edition permits commercial user and removes the copyright notice while maintaining access to the same great themes as the free version. Themes are available in the themes section.

Version 2.5.0

  • Added gallery copyright field. Copyright is displayed on the gallery tile and under images when viewing.
  • Added management options to main gallery listing when logged in.
  • Added ability to control image download button for each gallery independently. (image link obfuscation coming in 2.6)
  • Fixed bug which caused script error when requesting a gallery that does not exist.
  • Fixed bug which caused script error when requesting an image that does not exist.