Mobile Device Detection Framework (PHP)

Responsive design is the future but it’s still necessary to perform server-side device detection in some instances. This lightweight server-side solution utilizes the php $_SERVER array (HTTP_USER_AGENT) and the php function stripos. Devices supported in example code: iOS (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad) Android, Windows Phone, Windows Tablet, BlackBerry <= 9, Blackberry 10, Blackberry PlayBook, WebOS, Nokia Symbian. Easily expanded to support your needs!

Custom WordPress Login Page (PHP + CSS)

Have you ever seen a customized WordPress login page? Pretty snazzy! Whether you’re designing a WordPress site for yourself or for a client, a customized login page adds the extra touch that makes a site feel like a truly professional creation. There are a few plugins that can assist you in creating a custom look for your login page but it’s just as easy to manipulate in your theme’s source.

Captcha (PHP)

Spammers are the scourge of the internet. They generate crippling amounts of network traffic and create a headache for email users everywhere. One of the easiest ways a spammer can get their messages out is through insecure/open forms. Whether you’re writing a contact form like or you’re creating a user registration system you need to consider spam control methods.