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G-Hub Pro ( $5 )

G-Hub Pro ( $5 )

G-Hub Pro Current Version: 2.0.0 (April 30, 2018)Price: $5 Features / Purchase Claim Purchases Contact G-Hub Pro v2.0 Fully supports Thunderbird 57-63. Thunderbird 64+ breaks the majority of existing add-ons. Please remain on the stable release channel and do not upgrade to Thunderbird 64 beta. G-Hub Pro is a Mozilla Thunderbird Add-on that adds Google Tabs to Mozilla Thunderbird. G-Hub tabs are opened via customizable toolbar buttons that you can add to your Thunderbird toolbar. G-Hub Pro offers the same great functionality as G-Hub Lite but ...

How To Resolve TweetDeck Connection Issues: "Unable to connect. Please check your network."

How To Resolve TweetDeck Connection Issues: “Unable to connect. Please check your network.”

When it comes to desktop Twitter clients there aren't many options. If you're looking for a freebie there are even fewer choices. TweetDeck is far from perfect but it's one of the better desktop clients available and it's the one I've come to rely on when I'm not using my iPhone or iPad. Back in October I upgraded my pc's to Windows 8. After reinstalling TweetDeck I was confronted with a fatal error; TweetDeck failed to login to my account and displayed ...

How To Lose A Developer In 60 Seconds (Strava)

How To Lose A Developer In 60 Seconds (Strava)

Last week I was faced with the situation every developer dreads. Software I author, Strava Integrator, had it's API access to a third party service terminated. On July 1st each and every Strava Integrator user (myself included) received nothing more than a blank page. The reason? Strava decided to abandon it's developers. To understand the situation I have to provide a bit of back information. In August 2012 I was contacted by a member of the Strava engineering team, Craig Peters. Craig ...

Making Weekend Plans in Rochester? Two Words: Wall \ Therapy

Making Weekend Plans in Rochester? Two Words: Wall \ Therapy

What can an aging industrial city do to restore some hometown pride? One part urban exploration, one part scavenger hunt, and one part art installation--Wall \Therapy is Rochester NY's answer to breaking the rust belt funk. Old warehouses and common brick walls are the canvas of choice for Wall \Therapy artists. Now in it's second year, Wall \Therapy is an ambitious project designed to beautify the city with large scale murals. Not only is the project having a visual impact on the ...

iOS 7 OTA "Software Update Unavailable", iTunes error 9006 - FIX

iOS 7 OTA “Software Update Unavailable”, iTunes error 9006 – FIX

Apple's iOS 7 launch isn't going as smoothly as they had hoped. Users trying to update their iPhone or iPad to iOS 7 via OTA (over the air) are receiving the error "Software Update Unavailable". If they then try to update using iTunes many receive a different error, "iTunes error 9006". Apple's official fix doesn't seem to be much help. Apple might be out to lunch on the issue but I figured out a workaround that will let you update via OTA ...

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