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G-Hub Pro ( $5 )

G-Hub Pro Current Version: 3.6.0 (November 19, 2021)Price: $5 Features / Purchase Claim Purchases Contact <!--G-Hub Pro v3 supports Mozilla Thunderbird 68+. G-Hub Pro v2 supports Mozilla Thunderbird 52 to 63.G-Hub Pro v1 supports Mozilla Thunderbird 3 to 52.If you are using an older version of Mozilla Thunderbird, please download the older versions of G-Hub Pro from the older versions section of the download page. Please note that versions of G-Hub Pro prior to v3 utilize dedicated toolbar buttons for each service ...

I Did It! 106 Awesome Miles Of The NYC Century!

If you didn't know I was preparing for my first century this year then you must have stopped following me on facebook and twitter. I've been inundating everyone around me with a barrage of cycling updates. Don't rejoice yet...there's still at least one more bike tour left this season (possibly two if I decide to ride the Tour de Bronx). On September 23rd I'm riding in Boston's Hub On Wheels tour, which was the single most enjoyable cycling event of 2011. No ...

Known Issues

M-Hub Pro - Known Issues Features / Purchase Claim Purchases Contact A service reports that your browser is not supported Description: When loading a service in a tab, an error page warns that your browser is not supported. Solution: Go to Thunderbird Preferences, view the Advanced preferences, and click General. At the bottom of the Advanced > General tab, click "Config Editor" and agree to the disclaimer about voiding your warranty. Search for the configuration setting named "general.useragent.compatMode.firefox" and changed it from ...

Install Windows 8 Developer Preview in VirtualBox

Windows 8 is here. You've seen all the screen shots, read all the blogger reviews, but what is it REALLY like? The only way to find out is to try it for yourself but switching your primary computer over to a preview OS isn't feasible and not everyone has extra hardware laying around to test the new OS on. That's where virtualization comes into play. Windows 8 can be tested on your current computer via Oracle VM VirtualBox. It won't run as ...

Remembering Rochester’s Midtown Plaza During Christmas

By the time I moved to Rochester in '98 Midtown Plaza was well past it's prime. Major retailers had moved to the newer and arguably nicer malls in the suburbs. Much of the plaza was vacant and the stores that remained weren't exactly draws. Although times were tough the atmosphere at the mall changed during the holiday season. Midtown Plaza filled with families. Both parents and children downright giddy to be in Downtown Rochester, visiting Midtown Plaza. The draw, however, wasn't shopping ...

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