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G-Hub Pro ( $5 )

G-Hub Pro Current Version: 3.5.0 (October 26, 2020)Price: $5 Features / Purchase Claim Purchases Contact G-Hub Pro v3 supports Mozilla Thunderbird 68+. G-Hub Pro v2 supports Mozilla Thunderbird 52 to 63.G-Hub Pro v1 supports Mozilla Thunderbird 3 to 52.If you are using an older version of Mozilla Thunderbird, please download the older versions of G-Hub Pro from the older versions section of the download page. Please note that versions of G-Hub Pro prior to v3 utilize dedicated toolbar buttons for each service. The screenshots, features ...

Remembering Rochester’s Midtown Plaza During Christmas

By the time I moved to Rochester in '98 Midtown Plaza was well past it's prime. Major retailers had moved to the newer and arguably nicer malls in the suburbs. Much of the plaza was vacant and the stores that remained weren't exactly draws. Although times were tough the atmosphere at the mall changed during the holiday season. Midtown Plaza filled with families. Both parents and children downright giddy to be in Downtown Rochester, visiting Midtown Plaza. The draw, however, wasn't shopping ...

An eventful, non-eventful drive to Rochester

There we were, driving to Rochester again. I was in the drivers seat with Cathy sitting shotgun. After driving this same route for the last 12 years the trip has become boring -- Hell, to say the drive had become boring is an understatement. The only decision to make takes place at Binghamton; Rochester via Syracuse (shorter) or Rochester via Corning (more scenic). After completing the drive, all 370 miles worth, hundreds of times, the "driver" has almost become unnecessary. Sometimes it ...

Hike to the summit of Mount Washington — Check!

Last Sunday I hiked to the summit of Mount Washington in New Hampshire. 3 days have passed since completing the climb and I've had plenty of time to rest, recuperate, and reflect on the experience. The verdict? Hiking to the summit of Mount Washington was awesome! It was the most difficult hike I've made to date. Totaling roughly 4 hours the hike was a grueling assault on the human body with ever increasing inclines and an elevation gain of 4,288 feet. I began ...

PANDA Image Gallery ( Free – $4.99 )

PANDA Image Gallery Current Version: 3.5.8Price: FREE - $4.99 Features / Download View Demo Claim Purchases Contact PANDA Image Gallery is a full-featured php image gallery. With no database dependencies, PANDA Image Gallery is easy to configure and can be setup within minutes. Featuring a light-weight and efficient code base, Panda Image Gallery is the fastest full featured php image gallery available. Want to feel its speed for yourself? Take a test drive on our Demo site!. Personal EditionFree! Free for personal use only. Same features as Premium Edition. Copyright ...

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