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G-Hub Pro ( $5 )

G-Hub Pro ( $5 )

G-Hub Pro Current Version: 3.1.2 (September 10, 2019)Price: $5 Features / Purchase Claim Purchases Contact G-Hub Pro 3 fully supports Thunderbird 68 and newer. If you already use G-Hub Pro, it might not automatically update to the latest version when you install Thunderbird 68. If G-Hub Pro is showing as not being compatible please download the latest version of the plugin from the purchases portal by clicking here. Thunderbird 68 forces changes to how G-Hub Pro works. Instead of having dedicated toolbar buttons for each Google ...

My 2012 Toyota Camry is a Lemon and Toyota Won't Help

My 2012 Toyota Camry is a Lemon and Toyota Won’t Help

Update May 10, 2013: I've received a response to one of my emails to Toyota Corporate. It states that my complaints have been assigned to a case manager and that I should hear back from them by Monday 5-13-2013. It also outlines the fact that they are not responsible for, nor will they cover the damage to my car. Apparently they won't stand behind their dealer's work. Very disappointing. Update May 9, 2013: My 2012 Toyota Camry reminded me why I wrote this ...

Remembering Rochester's Midtown Plaza During Christmas

Remembering Rochester’s Midtown Plaza During Christmas

By the time I moved to Rochester in '98 Midtown Plaza was well past it's prime. Major retailers had moved to the newer and arguably nicer malls in the suburbs. Much of the plaza was vacant and the stores that remained weren't exactly draws. Although times were tough the atmosphere at the mall changed during the holiday season. Midtown Plaza filled with families. Both parents and children downright giddy to be in Downtown Rochester, visiting Midtown Plaza. the draw, however, wasn't shopping ...

Known Issues / FAQ

Known Issues / FAQ

G-Hub Pro - Known Issues Features / Purchase Claim Purchases Logout links open in the default web browser and the Google account is not logged out within Thunderbird Description: When a logout link is clicked from within a Google tab, a new web browser window is opened and the account is not logged out within thunderbird. Solution: Download and install G-Hub Pro 1.2 or greater. Then add and click the "Logout" button from the toolbar. Gmail outbound links open in blank tab Description: When a link is clicked from ...

Installation (How To)

Installation (How To)

G-Hub Pro - Installation (How To) Features / Purchase Claim Purchases To install G-Hub Pro follow the directions below: 1) Download G-Hub Pro from the client center: 2) Open Mozilla Thunderbird and click the menu Tools > Add-ons. 3) Drag and drop the G-Hub Pro installation file you downloaded in step #1 on the Mozilla Thunderbird add-on window. Alternately click the gear icon at the top of the add-on window and select "Install add-on from file". Locate the file you downloaded in step #1. 4) An installation confirmation ...

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