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G-Hub Pro ( $5 )

G-Hub Pro Current Version: 3.4.0 (December 12, 2019)Price: $5 Features / Purchase Claim Purchases Contact G-Hub Pro v3 supports Mozilla Thunderbird 68+. G-Hub Pro v2 supports Mozilla Thunderbird 52 to 63.G-Hub Pro v1 supports Mozilla Thunderbird 3 to 52.If you are using an older version of Mozilla Thunderbird, please download the older versions of G-Hub Pro from the older versions section of the download page. Please note that versions of G-Hub Pro prior to v3 utilize dedicated toolbar buttons for each service. The screenshots, features ...

Tetrinet 2 Shutdown forever

Yesterday was a sad day for the tetris community. A popular multiplayer tetris game, Tetrinet, was shutdown by The Tetris Company. Simultaneously the website and game servers were shutdown with little to no warning. The news is still circulating to game operators and players. This shutdown marks the end of a decade of free multiplayer tetris with unique and challenging game modes. Through the years there were various tetrinet tournaments which included some of the best tetris players in the world. It ...

Barnes Creek; A Hidden Gem in Canandaigua, NY

Last weekend was hot and muggy but I had the itch to get out and do something physical. I managed to convince Cathy to join me for a short hike. We didn't really feel like walking around Mendon Ponds Park so I fired up AllTrails on my iPhone and looked for something interesting but on the shorter side. I came across a listing for the Barnes Creek Trail but comments suggested ditching the trail and walking up the creek itself. Doing so ...


G-Hub Pro - Changes Features / Purchase Claim Purchases Contact Version 3.4.0 (December 12, 2019) Added "Open In New Tab" context menu to Google links that are right-clicked. When clicked, this menu item will open the link in a new Thunderbird tab. This is helpful when switching to secondary Google accounts that would otherwise open in the default web browser instead of a new Thunderbird tab. Version 3.3.1 (September 26, 2019) Fixed: Custom links text on launcher tab not showing customized title. Version 3.3.0 (September 25, 2019) Back by popular demand: ...

Remembering Rochester’s Midtown Plaza During Christmas

By the time I moved to Rochester in '98 Midtown Plaza was well past it's prime. Major retailers had moved to the newer and arguably nicer malls in the suburbs. Much of the plaza was vacant and the stores that remained weren't exactly draws. Although times were tough the atmosphere at the mall changed during the holiday season. Midtown Plaza filled with families. Both parents and children downright giddy to be in Downtown Rochester, visiting Midtown Plaza. The draw, however, wasn't shopping ...

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