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  1. Hi Chris many thanks for the 3.5.8 update, I am puzzled as to how to update a premium edition I have seen your data on Upgrading but not sure:

    1 Which file to download
    2 And are the bullets you put still valid:

    a) Make sure you do not overwrite the ‘./galleries’ directory.
    b) Make sure you do not overwrite the ‘./users’ directory or the users file’./users/’.
    C) Make sure you do not overwrite your configuration file ‘config.php’.

    Your comments please.

  2. Hi, I have recently installed the latest Adobe Flash player 11.3.300.257 and as a result the button on the Upload Images no longer works.

    Is this problem with the software please?

    • Hi I have noticed that this is occurring in Firefox which is my normal browser, in IE the upload pop-up window does not load the three buttons Browse files, Clear List and start uploading. but I have managed to browse and upload in Google Chrome.

      I hope this helps?

    • It looks like an issue with the uploader, FancyUpload. There is no update out right now, and I have no idea if there will be one released. If there is no update I’ll have to switch to a different uploader, which will take time. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  3. Hi, I am testing Panda Image Gallery before purchase, I wanted to restrict registered persons who can add galleries and images to myself and the website owner. I made the admin folder secure, but it is still possible to register etc. The following instruction on installation:

    7 ) You may enable user registration and register a new account via the web interface (enabled by default).
    If you do not want to enable public user registrations you can manually add users.
    See ‘users/’ for details on manually adding users.

    how do I remove the default to allow registration please.

  4. When will you be adding the administrator instructions to your website? Will be good to know how to set it up.

    Also, how about adding Meta tags for SEO benefit? Maybe make the caption show up as Alt and Title as well.

  5. Hello, I have a question. I like this very much, but is there a way to remove the login etc? I’m working for the website for school and I need such a script, but normal visitors shouldn’t see the login.. Is that possible?

  6. I like this gallery script very much but there is no way to show a little description under each picture. It ll be very nice to tell some details about the pictures.

  7. Hi Chris,

    I am trying your Panda software. One question, regarding User Maintainance.
    What’s the USER_LEVEL parameter in $users array? What value should we provide?

    Also, I noticed regardless of the user login, anyone could view the images. I thought the User Login would allow access only to selected logins.

    Please advise.

    Thanks very much


    • Panda Image Gallery does not currently support private galleries. all galleries are public unless otherwise restricted at the host.

      There are two supported user levels: standard_user OR admin

      Admins can manipulate any gallery, regardless of who created it, just as the owner would. Standard users can only manipulate galleries they created ONLY.

  8. Hi:

    Installed your Panda Image Gallery and really like it – it’s very well done.
    I can upload straight images fine with no problems (jpg / gif etc)
    But I can not upload avi or wmv files – goes through the upload and shows completed then a message appears
    “No images in the gallery”

    Could you advise on what might be the problem.

    The gallery is at

    Thank You

    Rob Lawrason

    • I just tested the software to ensure that it is handling videos properly and it is so I’m going to rule out a software glitch.

      In all likelihood the video files you’re trying to upload are exceeding the maximum file size restrictions for your php installation. You can attempt to place a php.ini file in the panda root and admin/ to override the defaults. Panda Image Gallery ships with example files in those locations named php.ini.dist. You can rename those files to php.ini.

      The values you would want to change are the following:
      post_max_size = 25M
      upload_max_filesize = 25M

      25M = 25 megabytes. Adjust these as you require.

      • Hi Chris:

        Yes – I adjusted the settings and renamed the files and everything appears to work fine now.

        Thanks for your help


        • Excellent. Also, stay tuned for version 3.2. I will be introducing embedded video support for mp4/flv file types. This will allow users to view files inside a flash video player rather than requiring a file download. Unfortunately wmv, avi, mov, etc are not supported in flash video players so those types will still require a download.