Panda Image Gallery – Admins

Global administrators were added to Panda Image Gallery in version 3.1. Global administrators have owner-level access to all image galleries. This means administrators can edit details, add/delete images, add/modify caption images, and delete entire galleries. At the time of writing this documentation there are two user levels available; Administrator and Standard User.

Flagging administrators in 3.1-3.x
1) Navigate to the directory ‘users’ within your Panda Image Gallery installation.
2) Open the file ‘’ for editing.
3) At the bottom of the users file you will find user credentials. Users are stored in the following format: $users[‘USERNAME’]=array(“USERNAME”, “PASSWORD”, “EMAILADDRESS”, “FIRSTNAME”, “LASTNAME”, “USER_LEVEL”);
4) Locate the entry for the username you would like to flag as an admin.
5) Update the last element of the users’ array element from ‘standard_user’ to ‘admin’. If you would like to change a users access level back to that of a standard user simply change this same array element from ‘admin’ to ‘standard_user’.
6) Save the file and re-upload to the server if necessary.
7) Logout of the user (if already logged in) and login again. The user will now have administrative privileges.

Flagging administrators in 4.x
version 4.0 has not yet been released.