Calm After The Storm: A Look At Yesterday’s Micro-burst in Honeoye Falls, NY

When I moved to Western NY from New York City I thought I was leaving the “excitement” of the big city behind. Boy was I wrong–just outside the span of a week we’ve had a massive manhunt AND we’ve been impacted by a major weather event. Late yesterday afternoon a destructive micro-burst tore through Honeoye Falls, NY. Luckily no one was killed in our area and the impact of the storm was relatively minor with most residents having power restored by morning. This in itself is miraculous considering how many giant trees, utility poles, and power lines were down along the path of the storm. Here’s a few pictures of the damage in our area and the overnight repairs that helped restore everything to normal. (photo geeks: the night shots were taken on a Nikon D5200 freehand)










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