Mother Nature’s Fury: Flooding In Avon, NY

We’ve had a run of bad weather in our area. A harsh winter coupled with extreme weather throughout spring and summer has left many wondering if this is the new normal. Normal or not, it’s left residents with plenty of work to do and today was no exception. Starting around 11pm last night we’ve been experiencing heavy rainfall to the tune of more than 5 inches. Luckily we’ve only had a small amount of water in our basement. People in neighboring Avon, NY aren’t quite as lucky. Being one of the lower lying towns in the area, the storm has severely flooded basements, caused property damage, and damaged roadways. The most significant damage appears to have been on Littleville Road where an entire section of the roadway washed-out at approximately 9am today. Check out the pictures of the Littleville Road collapse below.





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