NYC Snowpocalypse 2013 (Live Feed) (Updated)

I don’t know what to expect from this storm but I figured what the hell — throw up a live feed. Want to view the feed full screen? Click here. Otherwise check it out below.

Update Feb. 9, 1:25am: The storm (Nemo) hasn’t been anywhere as bad as predicted. A huge amount of hype here in NYC that Nemo’s definitely not living up to. I’d say we have about 6″ of snow so far. It looks like New England is getting hit hard. Maybe we’ll see some good skiing yet this season!

Update Feb. 9, 1:00pm: The storm has come and gone. We got 7″ on the measuring stick. Life goes on.

Update Feb. 9, 3:45pm: What better way to spend a snow day than building a snowman?
Handy the snowman!

The live feed is over, but don’t fret — Here’s everything you missed in a minute!

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