Sandy Keeps Rearing Her Ugly Face — Hallets Cove Is Closed!

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On my drive into work today I passed by Hallets Cove in Astoria, Queens. As I approached the public access beach area I noticed a couple of parks department officials closing off the beach entrance. Since this is a popular kayaking destination and I take advantage of the beach access during summer months, I pulled over to see what was going on. It turns out the beach suffered a fair amount of erosion from Hurricane Sandy. The erosion extended up to the stair case just inside the gated entrance. The NYC Parks Department is concerned that the erosion presents a safety risk and they made the decision to close off access until some of the sand is restored. The officials closing off access assured me the closure was temporary pending sand restoration. Let’s just hope the restoration process is carried out faster than the closure. Otherwise we might not have access to the beach until mid summer.

Update 2-5-2013: I just heard from Dorothy Lewandowski (Queens Borough Parks Commissioner), who expects the repairs to be completed within the next two weeks. Great news for us water lovers! Thank you for the response Dorothy :-)

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