PANDA Mailer (standalone)

Current Version: 3.5.2
Price: FREE

PANDA Mailer (standalone) is an elegant, responsive, secure contact form. PANDA Mailer enables you to connect with your website visitors without publishing your email address. It supports subject control, multiple recipients, recipient groups, and utilizes captcha image verification to reduce or eliminate spam. Best of all, it’s free! Do you use WordPress? Check out PANDA Mailer for WordPress.


  • Receive emails from your website visitors without publishing your email address
  • Email addresses are completely shielded from data-miners, spammers, and website visitors
  • Email subject control
  • Multiple subject support
  • Multiple recipients
  • Recipient Groups
  • Captcha human verification / spam protection
  • Email address verification
  • AJAX field verification
  • Submission error feedback.
  • Responsive (adapts to all device sizes and types)

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