PANDA Image Gallery ( Free – $4.99 )

PANDA Image Gallery is a full-featured php image gallery. The gallery incorporates all of the gallery features administrators have come to expect while maintaining a clean and intuitive interface. With no database dependencies, it’s easy to configure and can be installed/configured in minutes. The light-weight and efficient code base makes Panda Image Gallery is the fastest full featured php image gallery available! Full theme support coupled with it’s ease of use, PANDA Image Gallery a great choice for site owners and end-users alike.

G-Hub Pro ( $2.99 )

G-Hub Pro offers the same great functionality as G-Hub Lite except it adds the ability to customize each Google services URL allowing it to work with Google Apps. After installing the add-on toolbar buttons are added to the Thunderbird toolbar. Clicking one of these buttons opens the affiliated Google service in a new tab inside Mozilla Thunderbird. Thunderbird is instantly transformed in to the messaging center it was intended to be, consolidating Google Voice/News Reading/Group Collaboration/Email/Calendar into one application.

G-Hub Lite ( Free )

G-Hub Lite is a Mozilla Thunderbird Add-on that adds Google Voice, Google Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Groups, and more toolbar buttons to the Thunderbird toolbar. Clicking one of these buttons opens the affiliated Google service in a new tab inside Mozilla Thunderbird. Through the use of this add-on Mozilla Thunderbird can be quickly and easily transformed in to a messaging hub, consolidating Google Voice/News Reading/Group Collaboration/Email/Calendar into one application.

PHP Youtube Tools ( Free – $1.99 )

PHP Youtube Tools is a set of php functions designed to aid in integrating Youtube with a website. If you have a lot of videos and use Youtube as your streaming provider you’ve likely resorted to tedious cross posting or simply directing visitors to your Youtube channel. As a website administrator neither is a desirable solution. PHP Youtube Tools eliminates the hassles by providing a framework to easily retrieve your Youtube stream (and individual video details). It even includes a function which automatically retrieves your Youtube stream, generates the html/layout for display on a website, and paginates results so as not to overwhelm end users.

PANDA Captcha ( Free )

PANDA Captcha – PHP Captcha Human Verification is a very simple, easy to follow, easy to customize php based captcha. This captcha can be easily integrated into any instance where a captcha may be wanted or necessary. I use it in the programs featured here on

PANDA Mailer ( Free – $2.99 )

PANDA Mailer – PHP Contact Form is an html form and a php script used to send email. This is a simple solution to allow users of your website to contact you without publishing your email address, and risking collection of your email address in SPAM mailing list. There is no way a client can retrieve your email address unless they are able to view the php source code (which website visitors can not).

Google Calendar List Class

Google Calendars are incredibly useful for sharing and managing events — both through directly sharing calendars with friends and the ability to quickly and easily embed them in websites. Another lesser know feature is the ability to retrieve Google calendar events for use in custom programs or webpages, grabbing as much or as little information about an event as you would like. This framework provides easy access to the most common information people are looking for about events; The events name, start date & time, end date & time, and description. It also returns the event id used by google, which may prove useful as an index in custom applications.

Newegg Price Parser Function

Newegg is one of the most popular retailers of computer components and related electronics on the internet. As a result many people use Newegg as their supplier and often as a pricing reference. A common problem is that people wish to utilize real-time pricing information from Newegg for various reasons — be it a small-scale computer business (where a wholesaler relationship is not possible due to limited sales volume), to include in a posting about computer components, or any other application you can imagine. Newegg does not provide an API or simple method to retrieve pricing information for general public consumption making a third party solution is necessary. This simple function will parse pricing and availability directly from a Newegg items page. Newegg’s mobile site is utilized to keep the amount of data transferred small and execution times to a minimum.

Viagra IRCd ( Free )

Viagra IRCd is an IRC Daemon I developed while attending college at Rochester Institute of Technology. Its code base was Titan IRCd (of which development ended prematurely). The last version of Titan IRCd was unsuitable for production use do to its incomplete state. It crashed constantly lending to Viagra IRCd’s original development name of “Titanic”. Though only available to a few select networks the development version quickly created a buzz. After many late nights the IRCd reached a stable code base. So stable that many of the test networks joked that we should name it “Viagra IRCd” and use “Rock Solid Stability” as its catch phrase… Perhaps it was the lack of sleep but I applied the name and it stuck.

POLAR Statistics ( Free )

POLAR Statistics – php Referrer Stats is an advanced, light-weight, php based website statistics package.