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Twitter has been all the buzz these days so I’ve decided to jump in head first. As you may have noticed there is now a twitter widget in the sidebar of this blog. This will display the most recent posts to my twitter feed (Tweets). There is a link to my twitter feed on the about page (still not completed, sorry!). In addition to displaying the twitter feed in the sidebar, blog posting has been integrated with twitter. When I post a new blog entry, twitter will update with a link and short description for that post. If all works correctly this post will be the first one to appear on twitter!

So what should you expect to find on my twitter feed? The truth is I’m not really sure yet. One of the areas which will may see a lot of attention are my programming projects. I plan to post project status updates, and open the floor for suggestions. Hopefully twitter will act as an avenue to ask for and receive feedback for these projects. It may even help increase the user base. As far as postings of my personal life… I doubt you’ll see me Tweeting my daily movements. Someone, somewhere may want to know that im going to the mall, movies, bank, bathroom (not that I would actually post that im going to the bathroom – ok maybe just as a joke). I’m just not sure I want the whole world to know my every movement. I may decide to post the occasional “Hey, I’m unwinding down at <insert location here>”, but it probably wont be a regular occurrence.

Ok, Ok, This is getting a little long winded so here is the link to my twitter profile:

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