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  1. Previously used WebAppTabs for similar functions..sadly doesn’t work in newer T-bird versions.

    With G-Hub Pro, can the 6 custom buttons call any valid URL?

    With a commonly-used domain assigned to one of the custom buttons, will a link in email or RSSFeed open in that tab or still open in default web browser?

    These two functions could greatly benefit users of RSS Feeds.

  2. There any way for enable desktop notifications? Most important reason I bought Pro version is Gmail tab, but notifications doesn’t work.

  3. I want to make sure I am not missing something. It seems this add-on makes those Google services available in a web page tab in Thunderbird, but there is no actual functional integration with Thunderbird. In other words, for example, I can view and edit contacts, just as if I had opened it in a web browser, but those contacts don’t have any impact on the contacts in the Thunderbird address book. (Obviously, I can copy/paste, but that’s not what I’m talking about.)

    Am I understanding things correctly, or have I overlooked some way of getting tighter integration?

    • You are correctly understanding how G-Hub works.

      There was an add-on named gContactSync that offered the functionality you are looking for. I’m not sure what the state of that project is (I am not involved in the development of that add-on). Unfortunately add-ons have been quite difficult to support given how frequently Thunderbird developers break support for existing add-ons.

  4. Not working now, have G-Hub Pro 1.9.0, I get error “The connection was reset” “the document contains no data.”

    I can get my calendar in a browser, no problem. Need some helo

  5. Hey Chris. Love the addon! I bought a single pro version license for testing. A simple feature I would love to see is when editing the custom links tab can you add a custom icon upload button so I can add custom icons to the other links(link1, link2 or even change the default icons). We want to roll this out to our company but making an icon makes this app that much more dummy proof for our employees.

    Also another feature would be the ability to add G-hubs links to other built in tabs. ie (Address Book, Chat, and Lightning Calendar). Not sure if you could add a new toolbar and add it that way.

    These are just a few things I would love to see but have little knowledge on Thunderbird app development to know if they can even be achieved. Again, great work on a very useful app!

  6. Hi,

    We use your GHub for google apps – works great! One problem though, we use the feature in Google Apps Gmail to view other users mail – this appears as a drop down towards the top right which can use to go to other people in the organisation’s Gmail. When this is clicked it opens in a browser and not a new Tab in Tbird.

    I did once manage to get it to open in Tbird – although I have no idea how and cannot reproduce this, any ideas?!


  7. Will there eventually be a ‘Call’ integration for Google Voice and numbers contained within E-mails sort of like how the Google Voice extension for Google Chrome works?

  8. In the FAQ about Google Docs, I can’t find this step in Google Docs:
    5) Un-check “Create new text documents using the latest version of the document editor.”

    Is it removed or am I going blind?

    Thank you.

    • Unfortunately It appears as though Google has decided to phase out the old editor. Apparently the option was removed earlier this month. I have reported the issue to the Google Docs team and I am awaiting a reply.

  9. If you open Google Calendar in Thunderbird, you can’t see and change the tasks in the sidebar?
    Am I doing something wrong?

    Thank you.

  10. I removed npatgpc.so (Webex) from the plugin library and the problem disappeared. (32 bits in stead of 64 bits.)

    I can view documents correctly now!


  11. Google Docs in Hub pro 1.0 on Thunderbird 3.0.8 Linux 64 bits gives an error when Google Docs does a update on the screen.

    Translated from Dutch: An error has occurred during this operation.

    Hence, it is useless, as I can not change any document from within Thunderbird.

    How can I debug the problem and assist you making this product better?


    • Unfortunately the error you are receiving is not related to the addon. Rather its a problem with Thunderbird content tabs. On windows and mac under the latest versions of the Thunderbird, Google Docs works correctly.