NuevaSync shuttering free sync service

Take notice — if you’re not paying for your NuevaSync service you have 5 days to find an alternative. NuevaSync, one of the original options for syncing an iPhone with Google calendars and Google contacts, is shutting down it’s free syncing service. For the next 5 days anyone who had a free account will be enrolled in a free trial of their basic sync service. Once the 5 day trial period expires the account will be disabled and syncing will no longer be available.

Here is the official email from NuevaSync:

NuevaSync has recently announced a new “Basic” subscription level that offers all the features previously available with our Premium service, except for push email. In conjunction with the introduction of the Basic subscription we will no longer be offering our original free service.

Basic service includes all the features available under free service plus the following:

  • Remote wipe
  • Contacts capture
  • Technical support
  • Sync tasks from Toodledo or 37Signals Highrise to compatible devices
  • Calendar event categories for Windows Mobile devices

More details can be found on our web site.

Your account has been enrolled in the Basic service free trial. The trial period lasts 5 days.
To subscribe, please log into our control panel web site and click the ‘buy’ link at the top of the main page.
At the end of the trial period un-subscribed accounts will be disabled for device syncing but it will still be possible to log in to the control panel site.

The new NuevaSync pay services are as follows:

Feature     Basic     Premium
Calendar sync Yes Yes
Contact sync Yes Yes
Tasks sync Yes Yes
Push email sync No Yes
Remote wipe Yes Yes
Contacts capture Yes Yes
Calendar categories Yes Yes
Meeting invites No Yes
Device Sync Scope Yes Yes
Target support response 72h 24h
Max. devices 2 4
Price $15/yr $30/yr

The Free Google Alternative
Never fear, Google is here! Google introduced a free mobile sync alternative last year and has steadily increased performance as well as the number of calendars you can sync with their service. When first launched it only supported syncing 5 calendars however the current iteration supports syncing up to 25 calendars as well as an unlimited number of contacts. For information on how to configure Google mobile sync on your device visit the Google mobile sync website: Once you have the account configured your going to need to select which calendars you sync with your device. For more information on configuring which calendars you sync click here.

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