New York City From 10,000 Feet

As those of you who know me personally are aware, I’m not the biggest fan of flying. I used to fly the leg between New York City and Rochester regularly however following 9/11 I came to the realization that I prefer transportation methods where I have some control over my destiny. So…I’ve been “making the drive” exclusively for several years now. Well my caprice caught a cold. I’ve been making due without a car but I had to find another way to travel between NYC & ROC last weekend. JetBlue got me to and fro — but on my flight to NYC I was treated to one of the most spectacular views I’ve ever had. The night skies were as clear as possible and the plane flew right down the Hudson. I quickly got out the camera and started snapping shots out the airplane’s portal window. I honestly didn’t expect any shots to come out. Boy was I wrong! The pics I captured are amazing. I’ve kayaked around NYC for years. I’ve been through the various boroughs & neighborhoods countless times. Nothing has ever made the city look quite as beautiful as this view from 10k+ feet. Check out the best of the shots below! Be sure to click each pic for the high resolution version. The bigger you can view the photos the more impressive they are.

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