Maybe cutbacks are some of the problem?

Oxygen Cutbacks
While perusing some of my usual blogs this morning I stumbled across an old story. Its about a small business man who decided to cut costs in order to prevent losses in the “forth coming recession”. Problem is the cutbacks were likely one of the problems. Find the original story below:

Once upon a time there was a man who ran a hot dog stand. This man ran one of the finest hot dog stands in the whole city and, strangely for a hot dog stand, he even used real meat in his sausages. People came from miles around to get tasty hot dogs that were freely covered in onions and sauces. In fact, the man was so successful that he could afford to send his son to Harvard. His son even went on to finish an MBA.

After graduation the son came back to work with his dad. “Dad”, he said, “based on the current economic statistics, we’re heading for a recession. You’ve got to stop using all that sauce, and you dish out onions as if they were free.”

The father was torn. He’d always been generous to his customers, but his very bright boy didn’t get all that education for nothing. So, reluctantly, he cut back on the sauces and the onions.

His son moved him to buying a cheaper brand of hot dog with a more traditional sawdust ratio. It was just in time, because it turned out his son was right-his business took a real dive.

This story certainly holds true in today’s economic climate. Especially in Detroit.

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