I know that retailers are going through some hard times. Online shopping has been increasing in popularity and as a result retail stores are suffering from fewer and fewer sales. It appears, however, that in order to boost sales they are already pushing Christmas.
When I was younger the rule of thumb was that the day after Thanksgiving stores would roll out the Christmas displays; Trees, Lights and Santa. Unfortunately the time line has been pushed up little by little every year. By the time I reached Junior high the displays would be out the week before Thanksgiving. By high-school it was 2 weeks before. Now they have the displays out before Halloween! Just to make this clear: YOUR NOT HELPING SALES … YOUR HURTING THEM. All that you have achieved is to desensitize us to the holiday seasons. The less special a holiday feels, the less money we are going to spend on the holidays. If you want to boost sales I would suggest delaying the holiday displays until AFTER turkey day :-)

The picture is of a nursery in Westbury, NY. It was the inspiration for this blog entry and one of the worst examples of an attempt and rolling out the holidays early. It is also what inspired ChristmOctober!

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