How To Lose A Developer In 60 Seconds (Strava)

Last week I was faced with the situation every developer dreads. Software I author, Strava Integrator, had it’s API access to a third party service terminated. On July 1st each and every Strava Integrator user (myself included) received nothing more than a blank page. The reason? Strava decided to abandon it’s developers. To understand the situation I have to provide a bit of back information. In August 2012 I was contacted by a member of the Strava engineering team, Craig…[...]

How To Resolve TweetDeck Connection Issues: “Unable to connect. Please check your network.”

When it comes to desktop Twitter clients there aren’t many options. If you’re looking for a freebie there are even fewer choices. TweetDeck is far from perfect but it’s one of the better desktop clients available and it’s the one I’ve come to rely on when I’m not using my iPhone or iPad. Back in October I upgraded my pc’s to Windows 8. After reinstalling TweetDeck I was confronted with a fatal error; TweetDeck failed to login to my account and displayed…[...]

NuevaSync shuttering free sync service

Take notice — if you’re not paying for your NuevaSync service you have 5 days to find an alternative. NuevaSync, one of the original options for syncing an iPhone with Google calendars and Google contacts, is shutting down it’s free syncing service. For the next 5 days anyone who had a free account will be enrolled in a free trial of their basic sync service. Once the 5 day trial period expires the account will be disabled and syncing will no longer…[...]

Thought on modern webpage layouts + iPhone OS Resource limits

With the imminent death of IE6, the use of creative new webpage layouts has steadily increased. Many of these layouts use complicated nested structures + css2/3 styling. These newer layouts have also led to the increased use of the transparent png-24 image format and the widespread use of dynamic and gradient filled background images. This has led almost all web-developers to ask themselves the following questions. How much time should be taken to support IE6? Should we drive the final nail into…[...]

GMail Autopilot now available!

Today Google released Autopilot for GMail. Autopilot is an advanced automatic responder for your email which has the ability to analyze a received messages content and then produce an appropriate response. In order to fine tune responses to each individuals personality, Autopilot lets you set your level of capitalization, typos, brevity, and emotional use. The end result is a natural response that will help alleviate the challenges of being popular by automatically answering the messages you do not want to. For more…[...]

Catskill Mountain Lodge: No hot water, we dont care.

Catskill Mountain Lodge: No hot water. If you dont like it, dont stay here again. We dont care! This weekend Cathy and I went to the Catskills. We stayed at the Catskill Mountain Lodge. My family has been going here for years… but it recently changed ownership. Our room was in a building adjacent to the main lodge, which was no where near as nice as those found within the main lodge. It featured a 1960’s drop ceiling (which allowed easy access,…[...]