Started From The Bottom Now We’re Here

Started from the bottom now we’re here–a phrase made famous by a song. But where is “here”? The answer is quite different depending who you ask. For some “here” is the peak of a career. Finally reaping the rewards of decades of hard work and dedication. For others it’s the comfort of a stable job and/or family. Yet increasingly “here” means starting from the bottom…again. For the first time in my life I know not one, but several people who have…[...]

Making Weekend Plans in Rochester? Two Words: Wall \ Therapy

What can an aging industrial city do to restore some hometown pride? One part urban exploration, one part scavenger hunt, and one part art installation–Wall \Therapy is Rochester NY’s answer to breaking the rust belt funk. Old warehouses and common brick walls are the canvas of choice for Wall \Therapy artists. Now in it’s second year, Wall \Therapy is an ambitious project designed to beautify the city with large scale murals. Not only is the project having a visual impact on…[...]

What’s All The Commotion In The Battery?

A couple of weeks ago I came across a blog called BatteryPark.TV. The blog focuses on life in and around Battery Park City. No, I’m not planning on moving down to the battery. In fact the blog itself doesn’t even interest me. Nearly every post promotes the continued gentrification of New York. End the concerts. Eliminate the food vendors. Bring on the Citi Bikes (not that I’m against the bike share program). And for the love of god, stop [...]

How To Lose A Developer In 60 Seconds (Strava)

Last week I was faced with the situation every developer dreads. Software I author, Strava Integrator, had it’s API access to a third party service terminated. On July 1st each and every Strava Integrator user (myself included) received nothing more than a blank page. The reason? Strava decided to abandon it’s developers. To understand the situation I have to provide a bit of back information. In August 2012 I was contacted by a member of the Strava engineering team, Craig…[...]

I Have A Dirty Little Cycling Secret…

…I’m a huge fan of folding bikes. Yes, it’s true. This Cannondale riding pedal snob (I ride clipless) actually likes those godforsaken monstrosities. I acquired my first folding bike, a Dahon Boardwalk 6-speed, about 4.5 years ago. I keep it tucked away in the corner of my office in NYC. It’s been incredibly handy for running between my employers various properties and for those unplanned after-work outings. Another bonus is that it’s not a bike commonly targeted by thieves. I can lock…[...]

A New Approach To Blogging

As work consumes more of life and the mere act of aging increases stress levels, I’ve been exploring ways to make my life away from the office more enjoyable. Activities free of stressors. Free of negative personalities. Sometimes a physical activity such as cycling, kayaking, or hiking fits the bill. Other times I just feel like sitting around. Not necessarily watching TV or looking at the familiar walls of home. One of my escapes has always been this website. Something I chose[...]

My 2012 Toyota Camry is a Lemon and Toyota Won’t Help

Update May 10, 2013: I’ve received a response to one of my emails to Toyota Corporate. It states that my complaints have been assigned to a case manager and that I should hear back from them by Monday 5-13-2013. It also outlines the fact that they are not responsible for, nor will they cover the damage to my car. Apparently they won’t stand behind their dealer’s work. Very disappointing. Update May 9, 2013: My 2012 Toyota Camry reminded me why…[...]

NYC Snowpocalypse 2013 (Live Feed) (Updated)

I don’t know what to expect from this storm but I figured what the hell — throw up a live feed. Want to view the feed full screen? Click here. Otherwise check it out below. Update Feb. 9, 1:25am: The storm (Nemo) hasn’t been anywhere as bad as predicted. A huge amount of hype here in NYC that Nemo’s definitely not living up to. I’d say we have about 6″ of snow so far. It looks like New England is…[...]

Sandy Keeps Rearing Her Ugly Face — Hallets Cove Is Closed!

On my drive into work today I passed by Hallets Cove in Astoria, Queens. As I approached the public access beach area I noticed a couple of parks department officials closing off the beach entrance. Since this is a popular kayaking destination and I take advantage of the beach access during summer months, I pulled over to see what was going on. It turns out the beach suffered a fair amount of erosion from Hurricane Sandy. The erosion extended up to the…[...]

Maybe Main St. USA Does Need More Gun Control

You can’t find a more heated or emotionally charged subject these days. Foreshadowing the ongoing debate about marriage equality. Knocking the United States’ looming financial issues from the headlines. Gun control has become THE topic to debate. Defend. Lobby for or against. Following the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings I followed the lead of the many before me. I took to Facebook and Twitter and let my opinions on the subject be known. I posted my own updates. I commented on others.…[...]

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