Apple iPad, more like iDisappoint

This afternoon Steve Jobs, donned in his usual black turtleneck, unveiled the much hyped and long rumored Apple tablet. The Apple iPad is a 10 inch tablet like device which runs the iPhone OS. The device is powered by an Apple designed processor, most likely developed by P.A Semiconductor which apple acquired last April. Available in 16, 32, and 64GB versions the device also boasts 802.11n, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, GPS, Compass, and an accelerometer. An optional 3G radio will be available. There is no physical keyboard or pointing device. All input is performed through the 10-inch touch screen. It basically looks like a 10-inch iPod touch and in essence it really is just a super-sized iPod touch. A keyboard dock accessory will be available at launch.

Out of the box the iPad will run all of the applications designed for previous iPhone OS hardware in two modes. The mode first being a letter boxed mode where the iPhone/iPod touch applications are shown at their native size. The second mode is full screen where the application is stretched to fill the 10-inch display. Apparently apple has developed an up-scaling algorithm to help increase the resolution of stretched applications. The ability to run older applications will certainly help with the devices adoption in the early stages as there is already a massive catalog of applications available. New to the device? iBooks — Apples eBook store. The eBooks sold in iBook are based on the open format ePub which is the most popular open book format in the world.

While the device itself looks decent the operating system was clearly an afterthought. The product just screams of being rushed to the market. Home screen icons remain 4 wide with large gaps between each. The same goes for docked icons. It almost looks like a photoshopped “leak” photo. The OS appears to be virtually untouched from the other devices — exception being support for the new hardware. Also disappointing to many is the selection of the iPhone OS over full Mac OS X. Apple could have really blown the market wide open if they had unveiled this device running Mac OS X and expanding the app store to their flagship OS. Not only would the device itself benefit from running the more powerful and capable OS but the expansion of the app store would open developers to a huge new audience. Users would benefit from an easy-to-use centralized distribution method. Apple would benefit from increased revenues for the app store. The possibilities for a tablet like the iPad, running Mac OS X — with access to the app store, are virtually endless.

As for the name iDisappoint? Perhaps I should be contacting the trademark office…

The iPad will be shipping in 60 days with the following price structure:
16GB iPad – $499 ($629 w/3G)
32GB iPad – $599 ($729 w/3G)
64GB iPad – $699 ($829 w/3G)
Data plans for 3G access are available from AT&T at a price tag of $14.99/month for 250mb and $29.99/month for unlimited.
No pricing is available for the keyboard dock.

Update (1-28-2010 12:20PM):
Looks like hitler agrees with me

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