A New Approach To Blogging

As work consumes more of life and the mere act of aging increases stress levels, I’ve been exploring ways to make my life away from the office more enjoyable. Activities free of stressors. Free of negative personalities. Sometimes a physical activity such as cycling, kayaking, or hiking fits the bill. Other times I just feel like sitting around. Not necessarily watching TV or looking at the familiar walls of home. One of my escapes has always been this website. Something I chose to work on, thus enjoyable. The biggest detractor to the joy it brings has been the fact that I’m married to a desk while working on it. Sure there are coffee shops or the rare bar that offers wifi. Neither environment ever really feels relaxing to me. Business folk conducting…business. Seedy clientele leeching free wifi in lieu of getting internet at home. And of course there are those busy bodies just out socializing and running amok. Sometimes what I really want is to sit in a truly relaxing environment. Somewhere I can zone out, yet not completely cut off from the world. When in NYC I’ve taken to reading near the waterfront in one of the cities awesome new waterfront parks. When in Rochester, during the summer months, I’ve taken to spending time at Durand Eastman Beach. Both are incredibly relaxing environments. There are plenty of people around but they are places free from the stressors of the world. The one thing I’ve never tried doing at either location is blogging. So…I picked up a portable hotspot, grabbed my iPad, and I’m trying it out. As I write this post I’m sitting in Gantry State Park in Long Island City, N.Y. enjoying the view of Manhattan and a cool breeze off the East River. I suppose this experiment could backfire, causing me to resent ever introducing wifi to my worry-free zones, but right now I’m absolutely loving the change.

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