2010 ING New York City Marathon — Views from LIC

You couldn’t have asked for a better day for the 2010 NYC Marathon. Sure the air was cool but the sun quickly warmed up the route making it comfortable for both runners and spectators. I had hoped to see the Chilean miner Edison Peña, but somehow I missed him in the shuffle. The best way to experience the marathon without running in it is to trek out and spectate for a couple of hours. If you couldn’t get out to watch, never fear — As usual I took plenty of pictures. To view the complete set click here.

Here are some of my favorites:

LIC'ers making some signage for their friend running in the marathon

LIC anxiously awaits the runners

Coming across the Polaski -- Welcome to Queens!

Too Cute!

Running down Vernon Blvd, LIC 11101

You can do it!


I bet some of the runners wish they could hop one of those cabs...

Those refreshments sure make a mess

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