Strava Integrator

    Current Version: 1.2.0
    Price: FREE – $2.99

    Strava has discontinued their version 1 and version 2 API’s. Unfortunately Strava decided to omit Strava Integrator from it’s new version 3 API. For more information please see this posting:

    Strava is a great service for tracking cycling routes and ride statistics. Available in free and premium flavors Strava can help you push yourself as an athlete and help motivate you to stick to a regular training regimen. You can easily share ride data with friends and family via social networks and there is even an option to embed rides on personal websites. The problem with the embedding option, however, is the process for embedding rides on a website is not automated. You need to visit Strava’s website, locate the ride you’re interested in posting to your website, get the embed code, and then post that code to your website. The embedded ride provides minimal ride data and links back to the Strava website for more advanced ride statistics. That’s where Strava Integrator comes in. Strava Integrator is a php script that automatically retrieves your rides and their associated data and displays them on your own website. Leveraging the Strava API and my Strava PHP API Class, Strava Integrator makes integrating Strava with your personal website easier than ever. Providing ride summaries with basic ride stats as well as detailed ride statistics…right on your own website!

    Personal Edition
    • Free for personal use only.
    • Same features as Premium Edition.
    • Copyright notice MUST remain intact.

    Premium Edition
    • Premium Features
    • 501c3 & Commercial use permitted.
    • No copyright notice.
    • Free upgrades.

    • Automatically retrieves and displays the 50 most recent Strava rides.
    • Summary tile displays:
      • Title & date
      • Distance
      • Elapsed time
      • Elevation gain
      • Number of efforts on ride
      • Static map image
    • Rides index is paginated.
    • Number of rides displayed per page is configurable.
    • Click each ride’s title or map for detailed information.
    • Detailed information includes:
      • Interactive map
      • Elapsed time
      • Moving time
      • Distance covered
      • Average speed
      • Max speed
      • Elevation gain
      • Estimated calories burned
      • Ride efforts with all of the above information for the segment
      • Bike details (optional)

    Premium Features
    • Exclude rides with certain words or phrases in the ride’s title.

    For a complete list of changes to Strava Integrator click here

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