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My Earliest ExposureTo Computers (Happy Birthday Macintosh)

Twenty-seven years ago I was exposed to my first computer. The elementary school I attended (John Lewis Childs School in Floral Park, NY) recognized the importance of exposing children to computers at an early age. The school built a computer lab and stocked it with Apple II and Apple IIe computers. With increasing frequency, grades 1 through 6 shared use of the computer lab. Activities included everything from playing games to entering simple programs in BASIC. The first time I used a…[...]

Get In The Holiday Spirit With the Empire State Building [UPDATED]

Last year the Empire State Building upgraded it’s lighting arrays. Not only were the new LED arrays far more efficient–they made way for fancy light combinations and light shows. We’ve been treated to a few spectacular shows since the upgrade (like this one on Halloween) but last Friday the ESB stepped up it’s game. They’ve been putting on light shows every night at 7pm since December 20th. Tonight marks the Empire State Building’s final light show of the year. If…[...]

The American Congress

So you call yourself a fiscally responsible republican? Great! You stopped providing me with federal services at midnight. Kindly stop collecting taxes for these services until they are reinstated. Oh, you’re a tax and spend democrat? Awesome! Kindly spend some of those taxes you’re collecting from me by reopening the federal government. For those of you that are not a member of congress here’s some food for thought. While republicans attempt to put Christ back in Christmas by denouncing evolution and democrats…[...]

iOS 7 OTA “Software Update Unavailable”, iTunes error 9006 – FIX

Apple’s iOS 7 launch isn’t going as smoothly as they had hoped. Users trying to update their iPhone or iPad to iOS 7 via OTA (over the air) are receiving the error “Software Update Unavailable”. If they then try to update using iTunes many receive a different error, “iTunes error 9006”. Apple’s official fix doesn’t seem to be much help. Apple might be out to lunch on the issue but I figured out a workaround that will let you update via OTA,…[...]

9/11 Tribute In Light – Royalty Free Stock Photos

Last night was the first time since September 11, 2001 that I made an effort to view anything related to that tragic day. I hopped on my bike and rode to Brooklyn Bridge Park with the intention of zoning out to the Tribute in Light. What I encountered at the park was an army of professional photographers competing for the best shots to sell on stock photo sites. The unfortunate truth is that 9/11 has spawned an entire commercial industry. I’ve written [...]

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