Holes in Kayak Hatch Rim: Manufacturing Defect or Normal?

A few years ago I purchased a Wilderness Systems Tempest 170. Since then I’ve paddled the boat up and down the East River and around Jamaica Bay hundreds of times. Each October I give the boat a good once over and through cleaning before storing it for the winter. Each spring I do the same. I swear the boat gets just as dirty sitting on it’s storage rack as when I paddle it regularly. This year during spring cleaning I noticed what appear to be manufacturing flaws in my boat. Along the edge of the rear hatch’s rim there are several tiny bubbles or holes. They do not go through to the inside of the rim and do not leak. In fact the hatches on this boat have been amongst the driest of any boat I’ve paddled. The bubbles/holes appear to be mostly cosmetic although I suppose they could be troublesome in subzero temperatures. Being a plastic boat I can’t imagine the holes formed recently. What would eat into plastic like that? I can only assume I missed them in years past. After all, how often does one inspect the rim of a hatch? Truth be told I doubt I would have noticed them had it not been for my boat rack being moved to just below eye level. Has anyone ever noticed holes like these in their plastic boat? Are these types of bubbles/holes common in plastic boats along the seams or are they a manufacturing defect?

Rear Hatch: Wide View

Rear Hatch Rim: Close

Rear Hatch Rim: Closer

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2 Responses to Holes in Kayak Hatch Rim: Manufacturing Defect or Normal?

  1. Unless you have paddled recently in waters infested with the extremely rare Neptunian polyethelene hatch rim eating weevil, they are probably a manufacturing anomaly. Since they don’t seem to affect the water-tightness of your hatches, I wouldn’t worry about them. If they do bother you, you might be able to have the manufacturer supply you with a poly welding rod, and fill them using a wood burning knife.