Cycling is one of those activities you can do anytime and almost anywhere. Unlike so many other sports you can go cycling without joining a team. Without the politics of a club. Without the painstaking preparation so many activities require. Just grab a bike and mount up. Cycling is fun with a group of friends and it's invigorating to ride alone. You can challenge yourself with aggressive distances or hill climbs or just take a leisurely ride along the shore. Cycling is whatever you make it.

For me cycling is an escape. An escape from my daily regimen. An escape from the world in which everyone knows me. When I'm riding I'm just another person. No commitments or responsibilities. It gives me time to clear my head. Just me and the open roads (or paths or trails!). I'm just riding around focused on....nothing.

In this section you'll find blog entries related to cycling along with some ride statistics and maps from my recent rides. I've also included some cycling links of interest. I hope you find this section useful and interesting!

Recent Cycling Posts
  • How To Lose A Developer In 60 Seconds (Strava)
    Last week I was faced with the situation every developer dreads. Software I author, Strava Integrator, had it’s API access to a third party service terminated. On July 1st each and every Strava Integrator user (myself included) received nothing more
  • I Have A Dirty Little Cycling Secret…
    …I’m a huge fan of folding bikes. Yes, it’s true. This Cannondale riding pedal snob (I ride clipless) actually likes those godforsaken monstrosities. I acquired my first folding bike, a Dahon Boardwalk 6-speed, about 4.5 years ago. I keep it
  • I Did It! 106 Awesome Miles Of The NYC Century!
    window.addEvent('domready', function() { var scrollGalleryObj3 = new scrollGallery({start:0,area:150,thumbarea:"thumbarea_3",imagearea:"imagearea_3",speed:0.1,enableSwipeMode:1,toElementClass:".caption_container",diashowDelay:4 }); }); Riders from our packPavement route markerA guy with a parrot on his shoulderThe Verrazano BridgeRommelConey Island parachute drop and ballparkNathans full of cyclistsThe Wonder WheelThe CycloneMarine Park Rest stopThe RockawaysRockaway
  • Tomorrow I’m Riding My First Century
    Tomorrow marks the culmination of 9 months worth of dedication and hard work. I’ve spent most of the summer preparing to ride a full century (100 miles). I’ve been riding in cycling tours for the last 5 years, typically selecting
  • Silly Rabbit, Bike Lanes Are For Bikes
    If you know me personally or follow me on twitter you know I’m a fairly serious cyclist. I ride in several high-mileage tours each summer, and, most recently, I began cycling to work. The commute takes me through portions of
Cycling Links of Interest
  • Bike New York
    Bike New York is a 501(c)(3) non-profit whose mission is to promote and encourage bicycling and bicycle safety through education, public events, and collaboration with community and government organizations.
  • Boston Cycling Celebration
    Experience a car-free Storrow Drive, explore hidden pathways and historic neighborhoods, and take in views of the Boston Harbor that you’ve never seen before.
  • Cuningham Park Mountain Bike Trail Info/Map
    Information and trail map for Cunningham Park in Queens, NY.
  • Highlander Cycle Tour
    Inaugurated in 2000, the Highlander Cycle Tour is an annual charity bicycle tour of New York’s famous Finger Lakes Wine Country.
  • Park Tool Bike Repair Stands: PCS-9 vs PCS-10
    The differences between Park Tool bike repair stands PCS-9 & PCS-10
  • Ramble Around Prattsburgh
    A mountain or cross bike race around the town of Prattsburgh…with three distances to choose from: 30 miles, 15 miles, and 8 miles.
  • Recycle-A-Bicycle
    A youth training and environmental education initiative that has taken root in New York City public schools and after school youth programs.
  • Tour de Thompson
    A bike tour in Canandaigua, New York benefitting the F.F. Thompson Foundation
  • Transportation Alternatives
    Your advocate for bicycling, walking, and public transit.