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    Mother Nature’s Fury: Flooding In Avon, NY

    We’ve had a run of bad weather in our area. A harsh winter coupled with extreme weather throughout spring and summer has left many wondering if this is the new normal. Normal or not, it’s left residents with plenty of work to do and today was no exception. Starting around 11pm last night we’ve been experiencing heavy rainfall to the tune of more than 5 inches. Luckily we’ve only had a small amount of water in our basement. People in neighboring Avon, NY aren’t quite as lucky. Being one of

    Calm After The Storm: A Look At Yesterday’s Micro-burst in Honeoye Falls, NY

    When I moved to Western NY from New York City I thought I was leaving the “excitement” of the big city behind. Boy was I wrong–just outside the span of a week we’ve had a massive manhunt AND we’ve been impacted by a major weather event. Late yesterday afternoon a destructive micro-burst tore through Honeoye Falls, NY. Luckily no one was killed in our area and the impact of the storm was relatively minor with most residents having power restored by morning. This in itself is miraculous considering how many

    Manhunt: Lima & Honeoye Falls (Exclusive Photos)

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    Here are some exclusive photos of the manhunt and arrest that was conducted in Lima & Honeoye Falls this morning, following a shooting in Bath, NY. No one expects to wake up to a manhunt in their front yard, yet that’s exactly what happened to us today. During the early morning hours, suspects wanted in connection to a shooting in Bath, NY abandoned their vehicle in Lima and took off on foot. Police set up road blocks around the area

    Winter Wallpaper: Snow Traxx

    Winter's officially over but that didn't prevent Mother Nature from dropping a ton of snow on us last I did what any sane person would do at the end of March. I strapped on some snow shoes and trekked through Mendon Ponds Park! The park is particularly breathtaking in the snow and as I arrived at a chicane I captured some of it's beauty. The winter of 2013/2014 was a rough one--Forever remember it with this wallpaper set I've affectionately titled "Snow Traxx".

    How Obamacare Can Lead To Double Taxation

    We’ve all heard horror stories concerning the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare or ACA). Death panels! Doctor shortages! Loss of employment! In truth, most of these “issues” are nothing more than rumors and misinformation. Personally, I’ve avoided discussion of the ACA as much as possible—primarily because few of the changes affected me. Sure, coverage for pre-existing conditions it great…but I’ve had continuous insurance. Insurance companies can no longer drop me if I develop a serious/costly illness…but I have not yet had to cross that bridge (thankfully!). That being said I have

    My Earliest ExposureTo Computers (Happy Birthday Macintosh)

    Twenty-seven years ago I was exposed to my first computer. The elementary school I attended (John Lewis Childs School in Floral Park, NY) recognized the importance of exposing children to computers at an early age. The school built a computer lab and stocked it with Apple II and Apple IIe computers. With increasing frequency, grades 1 through 6 shared use of the computer lab. Activities included everything from playing games to entering simple programs in BASIC. The first time I used a computer for a creative task was in second

    Get In The Holiday Spirit With the Empire State Building [UPDATED]

    Image 1388272136 - 621194164719382406_194367362
    Last year the Empire State Building upgraded it’s lighting arrays. Not only were the new LED arrays far more efficient–they made way for fancy light combinations and light shows. We’ve been treated to a few spectacular shows since the upgrade (like this one on Halloween) but last Friday the ESB stepped up it’s game. They’ve been putting on light shows every night at 7pm since December 20th. Tonight marks the Empire State Building’s final light show of the year. If you’re anywhere near the ESB, tune your radio

    Video: Frozen Frontier Shootout (Amerks vs. Monsters)

    If you missed last night’s game at Frozen Frontier, you missed a magical event. It was cold. It was snowy. It was the perfect setting for a winter classic. The Amerks almost etched out a 4-3 win but the Monsters managed to tie it all up with 1/10th of a second remaining in the 3rd period. After an uneventful overtime period the game was decided in a shootout. Ultimately the Amerks prevailed and won Frozen Frontier! (Sorry for the video quality–our seats didn’t have the best angle and by the

    #FrozenFrontier – Everything You Need To Know

    We’ve been waiting for this day since it was announced back in August. Tonight the Rochester Americans take on the Lake Erie Monsters in Rochester’s first outdoor professional hockey game! Here’s everything you need to know for tonight’s game. Gates open at 5pm with parking lots opening at 4:30pm. Parking is available in the Kodak lots surrounding Frontier Field for $10. Tailgating is prohibited. Bathroom facilities at Frontier Field are not winterized and are closed. Porta-Potties have been provided instead. Concessions will be open. Here’s the full menu. Pre-game

    Kryptonite Neutralized – Amerks Take Marlies 4-1

    Toronto who? We might be unimportant this side of the border and we’ve had our share of difficulty against Toronto in the past, but the Amerks showed the Marlies we can play at their level. Just 9 seconds into the first period, before half the fans even had a chance to settle into their seats, Catenacci stuffed one home with a sensational setup from Ellis and Hutchings. Catenacci’s goal set the tone for the evening. Second period aside, Toronto was playing catch-up all night. Was the first goal a fluke?
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